Loneliness NZ

Indicators Aotearoa

Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa – Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand provides more than 100 indicators that aim to help all of us monitor progress around our social, economic, and environmental wellbeing.

Loneliness NZ worked with the Indicators Aotearoa team on the inclusion of loneliness within the New Zealand wellbeing indicators.

Social connection indicators

There are three social connection indicators within Indicators Aotearoa. They are:

  • Loneliness (i.e. the percentage of people aged 15 years and older who reported feeling lonely at least some of the time over a four week period);
  • Social support (i.e. the proportion of people aged 15 years and older who reported if they urgently needed a place to stay, it would be easy/very easy to ask someone they know); and
  • Contact with family/whānau and friends (under development).

The social connection indicators can be found on the Indicators Aotearoa home page under:

  • Current wellbeing;
  • Social capability: and
  • All wellbeing indicators.