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Signs of loneliness within yourself

Please read this page in conjunction with the general section Signs of loneliness where we discuss the complexity of loneliness, and the point when you might become concerned.

There are a number of signs of loneliness you may feel within yourself:

  • Not feeling comfortable being on your own – instead you have a sense of isolation or you feel empty.
  • Feeling misunderstood – that you just aren’t heard or that your partner and/or others don’t “get you”.
  • Having low self-esteem – overly concerned with failure and seeing the negative in what people say or do.
  • Not feeling good enough – comparing yourself unfavourably to others.
  • Struggling in a social setting – even though you previously have had great interactive skills, or you have all the theory right about what you need to do.
  • You feel that you are being pushed to the outside of the group – cliques have formed and you aren’t part of them.
  • You’re introverted or shy – and just don’t know how to connect easily with others.
  • Sadness and crying easily – feeling low frequently and sometimes seemingly as for no reason.
  • Not caring anymore – giving up trying to resolve differences or initiating conversation.
  • Sensing others are avoiding or detaching from you – in reality this might be a good judgement on your part (they are avoiding you) or a poor judgement (they are not and it is only what you are perceiving).
  • Building up resentment – not being able to forgive a person or people around you to the extent it affects how you are in their company.

Other signs of loneliness

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