Loneliness NZ

Self-help resources

Loneliness NZ is intent on conquering loneliness in New Zealand. We are at the forefront of efforts to prevent Kiwis becoming lonelier.

Our self-help resources support and expand on Government campaigns and tools that were embarked on in the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus specifically on preventing loneliness, or preventing the experience of more loneliness for those already lonely.

Additionally, we provide counselling to registered individuals who experience prolonged or chronic loneliness via Zoom (video conferencing platform).

Let us introduce our self-help resources, and what they are about.

Overview of our self-help resources

We have developed a suite of resources to help prevent loneliness of yourself and others. 

Nurturing close friends gives you a realistic understanding of what it takes from two people (or each individual in a group) to create, develop, and maintain meaningful relationships (emotionally close friendships) that are mutually beneficial to all. 

Developing a close circle of friends talks about your close circle of friends – people you have – or could have – meaningful relationships with.

Understanding each other better aims to help people with their families, friends or living alone to thrive harmoniously. It examines our positive influence on others, how we replenish our energy, discussing each others’ needs and wants, and balancing our optimism and pessimism for wellbeing.

Making indoor routines work for everyone provides practical advice on how to create balanced indoor routines. These routines incorporate familiarity, thoughtfulness, flexibility, mindfulness, and creativity.

Connected and still feeling lonely explains that there are many reasons why being connected may not in itself be enough to prevent loneliness. If you need further help, consider using a Loneliness NZ counsellor to guide you in what steps you can take to help yourself become less lonely.