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I’m feeling lonely

If you are expressing “I’m feeling lonely” whether to yourself, or out loud to others, you have our empathy. Whatever your unique set of circumstances, we appreciate that, for you, there is likely to be sorrow behind the words. We also are moved by the probability that you feel a dull ache or pain some of the time… or worse… all the time. We look forward to helping you through to better times.

And if you are worrying about someone else who you believe is lonely, we acknowledge that you have some sadness too. You are right to be concerned about how to help in the right way.

For the fortunate people who have never felt lonely for any length of time, we trust you too will find value in understanding how others feel, and your part in helping prevent loneliness.

I'm feeling lonely

Navigating our website

Our website has been designed to help you identify with a specific area of loneliness which has its unique set of contributing factors surrounding your loneliness (see the coloured boxes below). This better assists your understanding of loneliness with a broader, educational perspective. 

Additionally, we have some resource that might help you. 

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With our help you can conquer your loneliness by taking better care of your inner self.

And we can conquer loneliness in New Zealand by better understanding and accepting each other.

So when you are ready…click here.

We look forward to hearing your view of the world!