Loneliness NZ

Loneliness is most prevalent in many vulnerable groups in society

In New Zealand there are many vulnerable groups.  These groups typically appear quite disperse in their underlying needs.  However, a common theme in many of our most vulnerable groups is their loneliness.  An analysis of the General Social Survey 2018 shows that our most lonely groups are bisexuals and other identities, disabled, from Northland region, unemployed,  Māori, low household income, solo parents, youth aged 15-24, and not in family nucleus (see figure).

Most lonely groups 2019Q4

By comparison, we can consider the top 10 least lonely groups amongst the 65 demographic groups that make up the General Social Survey (see figure below).  The vulnerable seniors groups (65-74 and 75+) are part of the least lonely – this may reflect the excellent work that has been done to ensure they do not have prolonged loneliness.

Least lonely groups 2019Q4