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Loneliness Q&A: ...vs...?

Search engines receive many questions about feeling alone and loneliness. In this page, we provide short answers to many of the more commonly searched “What’s the difference between …and…” or ‘versus’ questions. For fuller answers, we encourage you to explore the website.


Loneliness vs solitude?

The difference between loneliness and solitude is about desirability and comfort. We do not like feeling lonely, and it makes us uncomfortable. Solitude is a positive state of being alone in our own head space; enjoying our own company, and giving ourselves quality time to reflect.

Loneliness vs isolation?

Loneliness is the effect of feeling poor quality relationships. Isolation is being separated from others or your environment. So being isolated and loneliness are related both as causes and symptoms. You can be isolated and become lonely, and you can be lonely and start withdrawing, thereby isolating yourself.

Lonely vs loner?

The difference between feeling lonely and being a loner is about self-perception. Loneliness is when we perceive we do not have sufficient meaningful interactions with others, and we seek more people. A loner perceives their life better or easier not interacting with others, and so prefer to be alone.

Lonely vs being alone?

The difference between lonely (subjective feeling) and being alone (objective being on your own) is about how you perceive your situation. You can feel solitude (positive) or lonely (discomfort) when you are on your own. Being alone for prolonged periods is socially isolating, which increases loneliness.

Loneliness vs cigarette smoking?

The difference between loneliness and smoking to the overall outcome of our health are similar; both being detrimental to population health. Research has found that the health risk of loneliness is equivalent to the health risk of smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Lonely vs depressed?

Loneliness can lead to depression. If your loneliness is prolonged your thought patterns change and you can become depressed. Depression is a mental disorder, with low moods, feelings of sadness, and a general loss of interest. Therefore seek help if you are not able to conquer your loneliness.

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