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Minority and lonely

We all like to identify with others around us; and we all like a sense of belonging.  There are so many reasons that any one of us could be in a position to be in the minority for a particular situation… in addition to ethnicity and gender, or whether we have a particular disability. We could be the only ones not attending a particular school, or we are the only ones with a particular religious viewpoint… or we simply dress differently to everyone else.  In the workplace sometimes a team leader, or a manager might feel they are in the minority.

We really are distressed hearing of situations where anyone is lonely because they are, or feel they are, in the minority.   Knowing that fellow human beings purposely cause someone from a minority to feel excluded is upsetting; and we feel very strongly that any discrimination is unjust.  Sometimes though it’s not only what others are doing to us that affects how we feel… we might internally feel that we are in the minority.  On either end of the scale, we can feel as if we aren’t good enough compared to others… or that we are much better than others… both with the end result of feeling increasing loneliness. 

Humans are strong and resilient in so many ways… and yet we can also be so fragile!  When we continually feel as if we don’t belong or aren’t accepted by others, we sometimes slump into loneliness, making our situation all the harder to deal with… especially without help.

Whatever your circumstance, we just want you to know that you’re not alone feeling like this… sadly there are many people like you feel loneliness feeling or being in the minority.

Our aim is to help get you to better understand yourself, others and the world you are in – to help you move from the very low loneliness you are in to a space where you feel more able to connect well with yourself, and other people.  

We have written some pages on the more vulnerable groups being affected by loneliness in New Zealand for you to possibly identify with or learn more from. We definitely do not think less of lonely people from any other part of the world, or having ethnicities not included specifically in our pages.   We also appreciate that everyone’s situation is unique so if your cause of being in the minority and experiencing loneliness is not on one of these pages, or elsewhere in our “I’m feeling lonely” section of the website, we are still here for you.

So please look through these pages… and be in touch if you would like to consider further help from us, as an individual or as a group.

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