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Conquering loneliness in New Zealand improves the wellbeing of our population.

I'm feeling lonely

We promote public health and social inclusion by supporting those already experiencing loneliness in their lives

Let's prevent loneliness

We advance education by upskilling people in ways to prevent themselves and/or others being lonely

Loneliness in NZ

We increase wellbeing and life satisfaction of our population by giving New Zealand a focus on conquering loneliness

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What we offer those experiencing loneliness

One of our primary purposes is to help you get through this tough period where you are already experiencing loneliness of some form.

We want you to have confidence that you are in the right place to get the right type of help.

Loneliness NZ differs from many other readily available sources of information, help and advice, in that we

  • get to the heart of who you are and your unique set of circumstances.
  • help find sustainable ways for you to reduce your loneliness and feelings of social isolation.
  • work with you individually, at your pace.
  • provide you with ongoing mentoring as needed.

To do this effectively we

  • make a meaningful connection with you, so no anonymity.
  • aim as far as possible to enable you to build a rapport with one person who will be your counsellor, coach and ongoing mentor.
  • use video-platform technology (Zoom) so you can be in a space that works for you, regardless of where you are in New Zealand.
  • promise genuine empathy, and complete confidentiality with no judgement.

What we offer to help prevent loneliness

One of our primary purposes is to better assist New Zealanders’ understanding of how to prevent loneliness from a broader, educational perspective. To do this efficiently, we offer loneliness prevention programs for groups. If you are a leader of a group, we want you to have confidence that you are in the right place to get that understanding for your social, learning, community or business group… really, any group where talking about loneliness and its related issues will help your group members individually or your organisation grow, and influence the wider country. If you are an individual, how about bringing together a group of people that are interested in preventing loneliness.

To actively work towards preventing loneliness, Loneliness NZ is willing to work with you to:

  • educate how people’s loneliness has been affected by changes in society.
  • facilitate healthy discussions on how groups could change to be more socially accepting, and inclusive.
  • coach skills that might help your particular group leaders or members prevent loneliness.
  • provide ongoing mentoring to leaders or individuals in the group.

To do this effectively we:

    • use video-platform technology (Zoom) so you can be in a space that works for you, regardless of where you, and your members, are in New Zealand.
    • make a meaningful connection with you so we tailor our work to suit the type of group you are.
    • promise no judgement, genuine empathy, and complete confidentiality about what you and your members discuss in the group.

What we offer to conquer loneliness in NZ

One of our primary purposes is to increase wellbeing and life satisfaction of our population by giving New Zealand a focus on conquering loneliness. Stats NZ has shown that wellbeing and life satisfaction in New Zealand have a strong relationship to not feeling lonely.

The current model of dealing with loneliness is fragmented. The issue of loneliness is dispersed over many Government Ministries, making a whole of Government response challenging. Furthermore,  non-profit organisations address loneliness as one of several activities, typically as social buddy or help-lines in a crisis response. While this will relieve some loneliness, a more effective long term solution, providing some prevention and early intervention for New Zealand’s mental health system, is to work through the root cause of loneliness in individuals; and upskill individuals to prevent loneliness in the first place. At the same time, New Zealand has laws to protect people from discrimination. And yet some of the loneliness in New Zealand comes about because of discrimination.

As an organisation dedicated to loneliness in New Zealand…we want you to have confidence that you are in the right place to be well informed on loneliness and its related issues, and to have a place to engage further with the health and wellbeing of New Zealand.

To actively work towards conquering loneliness, Loneliness NZ:

  • provides counselling, mentoring and coaching interventions for those experiencing loneliness.
  • up-skills individuals in the prevention of loneliness, through group sessions.
  • provides a national-wide service addressing loneliness.
  • through the website keeps New Zealanders broadly aware of what is happening regarding loneliness in New Zealand.
  • interacts with organisations that address loneliness.

We agree to be respectful to you at all times, and ask for the same in return.

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