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Signs of loneliness interacting with others

Please read this page in conjunction with the general section Signs of loneliness where we discuss the complexity of loneliness, and the point when you might become concerned.

The signs of loneliness interacting with others include:

  • Having purely transactional communication – you are no longer talking about ideals, dreams and anticipated excitement.

  • Different sleeping times to the rest of the household – sometimes as an avoidance of interacting.

  • Showing poor judgment how you interact with others – you might be coming across as detached, indifferent, unfriendly or overly defensive.

  • Over-focusing on your child or animal – to the exclusion of your other family members and fellow human beings, perhaps as a sense of belonging and feeling warmth.

  • Lacking social skills – you act inappropriately and make insensitive comments for the situation.
  • Frequently contacting on-line friends – more than you meet up face to face with friends.
  • Displaying less patience and increased frustration – sometimes as a result of you focusing inwardly so you think in terms only of how something affects you.
  • Increased arguing and bickering with people close to you – sometimes deflecting talking about what you are really feeling.

  • Hearing your friends also talk about being lonely – you might not be connecting in a deeper meaningful way.
  • Constantly talking or looking for people to talk to – looking for more social interaction.
  • Attention seeking – these can be as either or both good and bad behaviours.
  • Frequently interrupting others – not able to be happy in your own thoughts for too long.
  • Withdrawing from others – possibly because it’s easier than having to make an effort to interact, or you have given up trying.

Other signs of loneliness

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