Loneliness NZ

Physical signs of loneliness

Please read this page in conjunction with the general section Signs of loneliness where we discuss the complexity of loneliness, and the point when you might become concerned.

Signs of loneliness that have a physical component are:

  • Getting ill more often – loneliness is associated with feeling cold and some lonely people get more colds.
  • Generally feeling unwell – you may actually be unwell, or you may be focussing more on how you are feeling.
  • Increasing doctor’s visits – possibly related to feeling more unwell and also as a way of having more people interaction.
  • Eating much more and often unhealthier food – as a way of comforting yourself.
  • Sleeping poorly – waking up for even brief intervals and not feeling rested.
  • Showering more often, for longer and with hotter water – as a way of feeling warmth on your body.

Other signs of loneliness

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Signs within yourself

Signs interacting with others

Signs in children