Loneliness NZ

Signs of loneliness - addictive behaviours

Please read this page in conjunction with the general section Signs of loneliness where we discuss the complexity of loneliness, and the point when you might become concerned.

Addictive behaviours associated with loneliness are:

  • Hoarding unnecessary items – and having excessive collections– sometimes physically closing you into a smaller, more personal space.

  • Shopping more – as a way of getting out and interacting with others.

  • Increased alcohol, gambling and substance abuse – sometimes to numb the feelings associated with loneliness.

  • Binge watching shows – rather than being out with friends where you have meaningful discussions.
  • Spending a huge amount of time surfing the internet – to pass time, to explore loneliness and to try to feel more connected.

  • Becoming overly affectionate of material possessions – doting on items such as a car to substitute deeper relationships with people.

  • Excessive use of help-lines – as a way of having someone to talk to each day.

Other signs of loneliness

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