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Just by visiting our website, we can imagine that your world is not right – that perhaps you don’t have a sense of being whole – and you yearn for more satisfying relationships with people around you.

Let’s say immediately – well done! Yes, well done for caring enough about yourself to take seriously how you feel; and for being courageous, acknowledging that you will be better off with some support to move you forward.

You now have the opportunity to treat yourself to a quality, life-changing experience! Start working with a Loneliness NZ professional to support you and with ongoing commitment from yourself, you will soon be well on your way to conquering your loneliness.

The ripple effect of you becoming less lonely is immense!

By getting yourself into a happier space, you will naturally start enabling others around you to be more relaxed and interactive with you. You will be enhancing the lives of others too.

You will be doing your part to conquer loneliness in New Zealand!

To get started please complete our form.

  • Give us some detail of how you are feeling and how we can help you, or your group. We appreciate hearing some of your “story”.
  • We will be in touch with you soon to give you further information, and discuss setting up personal sessions.
  • For more information what to expect from our services see the sections below the form on this page.

Please note:

  • We do not have the capacity to provide a general helpline or chatline service for lonely people.
  • If you are in a crisis situation where you are in immediate physical danger of harm please call New Zealand’s emergency service 111 or the NZ Suicide helpline

Professional support

We have worked with many clients from all walks of life in New Zealand, and we are experienced in counselling, mentoring and coaching skills. See the section on “Counselling, mentoring, coaching – which is right for me?”

Video technology

We use video technology as it is an effective way of communicating when we are in different geographical areas. Video takes out complete anonymity, and seeing each other face-to-face gives us a greater connection – a necessity for overcoming loneliness. We have details to use Zoom for free (no download needed).

Sessions by appointment

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Some people prefer to have discussions during the day, and others in the evening. We will make every effort to give you an appointment at a time that works for both you and your Loneliness NZ professional. In general, we can give appointments on some weekdays and evenings and some weekend daytimes. The number and sessions you have is your choice. We have clients who benefit from a few sessions, and some who have benefitted from longer term support.


See separate section on Registration and service fees. We give a free session to individuals on payment of a registration fee.

All counselling, mentoring and coaching relationships with Loneliness NZ are professional. However, part of the unique you at this unique point in your life, means you may benefit more from one professional style more than another.

  • The success of any of these styles relies on mutual respect and trust, and your willingness to have frank and honest conversations about yourself.
  • Whichever method you choose the intended outcome is to help you interact with people and form relationships with greater confidence and positivity.

So how do you know what’s right for you now? We suggest you read the very brief overview of these methods… and then in your first session we can discuss what has the greatest potential to help you.

  • Successful counselling works by exploring your past even when you find that difficult. The outcome is getting to the root cause of any unhelpful behaviour and thinking, enabling you to be less stuck in what has happened and move forward.
  • Successful mentoring works by sharing information and experiences, and you desiring guidance for your positive growth. The outcome is a positive impact on your life, enabling you to reflect more, have better insight, and understanding of others.
  • Successful coaching works by you planning for realistic actions or changes and committing to them in a clear time-frame. The outcome is achieving the identified changes you are seeking to, enabling you to have greater confidence in specific situations.

As a charitable trust, Loneliness NZ relies primarily on donations, registration and service fees. We also rely on the enormous goodwill of professional people volunteering their time.

Registration Fee for Individuals:

  • With the payment of a registration fee we are willing to offer a free session to you within a three month period. As at 1 January 2021, the registration fee is $25. The non-refundable registration fee helps towards administrative costs and is payable, and not to be considered a fee for service.
  • Once we have the registration fee in our bank account – 06-0193-0830165-000 – with an email notification through our website from you, we will provide you contact details to arrange the first session. (Preferably provide the reference you used with the bank in your email notification.)
  • If you are unable to pay the registration fee, we would still like to hear from you so that we can share with funding agencies the level of demand for these services.

Service Fee for Individuals:

  • There may be fees chargeable to individuals for our services. Anyone to be charged fees will be given advance notice of the fees and so there will no hidden costs. 
  • When we are not charging (and any other time), as a reflection of the value we are providing you, we ask that you contribute a donation for each session via our bank account – 06-0193-0830165-000. Generally our clients are donating between $30 to $60 per session, with the amount and frequency of sessions based on their own budget. This is considerably lower than market rates for counselling services. Tax certificates can be provided for donations.
  • If you are unable to pay for or donate toward services, we would still like to hear from you so that we can share with funding agencies the level of demand for these services.

Fees for groups and organisations:

  • There may be fees chargeable to groups and organisations for services we provide. We will set the amount after a discussion on the service requirements. When we are not charging (and any other time!) we ask that you contribute a donation into our bank account. 

Loneliness NZ is a developing Trust with limited resources, and relies on the enormous goodwill of people volunteering their time.  The website describes services Loneliness NZ aims to provide, and we will do our best to provide. However Loneliness NZ cannot undertake to deliver all these services, at all times.  For example, we currently do not have any capability to provide services in any language than English; and we do not offer a 24/7 service or a crisis service.


If our current resources are insufficient to help you right now, we will let you know; and will keep in touch for when we can help you, and redirect you to other services which might be appropriate.


While we would like to help everyone in need, if we believe our services are not the right ones for you then we will let you know.  Whilst we describe on the website the services Loneliness NZ aims to provide, there is no commitment on our part to deliver those services if we do not believe it is in your or our interest.

Loneliness NZ is a developing charitable trust. At this stage we rely entirely on donations, registration and service fees. For those  not registered we will genuinely appreciate donations of any amount through our GiveALittle page or our bank account. Every donation helps our vision of conquering loneliness! If you register with us your first session is free.  Thereafter, we would appreciate that you donate per session through our bank account  06-0193-0830165-000, with your name. The intent is that you reciprocate for the help you will be receiving, at a cost considerably lower than market value of giving you help; and for us to feel valued. Generally our clients are donating between $30 to $60 per session, with the amount and frequency of sessions based on their own budget. This is considerably lower than market rates for counselling services. 

Tax certificates –  please request a tax certificate for donations if you are not registered with Loneliness NZ.